March 20, 2020, Trump announced that the citizens of California, along with New York were under quarantine. This was something my family and I had been preparing for for weeks. Food from every major supermarket for the next two months? Check. Enough wood to board every last window and screen door in our home? Check, and some extra wood. Water filtrations systems and tablets to get us through to 2023 and beyond? Check. We were ready to go. We even began to get organized by cleaning the garage, pulling weeds and plants and taking our backyard back from overgrown foliage and clearing the guest bedroom to turn it into a respectable office/ guest bedroom. We played games, went for walks, a couple of drives, but most importantly, we stayed in the house. A whole week before Trump told us to. We were organized… and bored.

It wasn’t that we didn’t have anything to do, we did. Everyone had school and passion projects that we wanted to work on, but getting into the head space to structure that was difficult. Going to bed at 10, 11pm at the latest is my thang. But when you don’t have anywhere to be because you’re not supposed to go anywhere, unless it’s essential, is pretty disturbing to one’s sleep schedule. Soon, I found myself watching ESPN biographies, Netflix rom coms and multiple episodes of House Hunters until 2 or 3 in the morning.

The first time we went out of the house during the day, we are a night walking family, I thought I would get in trouble. We had been in the house so long, it felt so foreign to walk beyond our front door. Were we safe? Was that a cough I heard? Where is my hand sanitizer? I became beyond paranoid.

Having come back from Mexico a month earlier, I thought that was the scariest experience for me. Coming back through the international terminal of LAX with all the other international flights. And we didn’t even know how big this pandemic would get at that point.

But do you know what bothers me the most? How am I going to spend this time being productive? (Oh yeah, and is the world ever going to be the same again? I hear the planet is doing better with less pollution and family’s are bonding again, so… I’m finding trying to find the silver lining.) By nature, I consider myself a closet introvert, but that’s by choice. I know I’m lucky to be happy, healthy and with my family, I feel those blessings, but how do we stay motivated from inside the house, potentially long-term?

Growing up in America, we are given privileges and rights that other countries are not afforded. And watching my fellow mankind in California ignore stay at home ordinances in favor of beach days, visiting friends and standing way too close (don’t be mad when I side-eye the hell out of you or say, EXCUSE ME, just a little too loud in your direction.) But I digress… what was my point? Oh yeah, with all the planning that my family and I have done, I still feel unprepared because I don’t know how long this is going to go on. How long are we really going to be quarantined?

With that said, What are you doing to provide you and your loved ones with fun and structure on the daily basis? How long do you think this quarantine will go on?

Leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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