Especially at a time where none of us can afford to take a real one! LOL

Our health is not only wrapped up in our physical wellness, but also in our mental and emotional well-being. I'm not going to lie, there have been times where it has been hard to smile, much less laugh during this pandemic. When I think of all the loss, I also have to think about what makes me laugh.

Time spent with loved ones playing games or taking long walks, funny movies and tv shows are some of the things that bring laughter to my life. I am staying away from dark programming more, as well as filtering how much news I read or watch.

What are you watching that makes you laugh? I haven't watched much recently, as I just finished taking my finals for this semester yesterday. Yay! Catch me up? Anything good to read, also?

#Motivational #MentalHealth #Monday #quote

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