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I thought 2020 was going to be the year where I took action on all the personal and professional goals that I have. I was going to travel everywhere, build my businesses, go back to school and finish, as well as work. As an actress and writer, I had major dreams and goals and then March came. Well, February actually is when we first started hearing about the virus.

I became scared, that all the hopes and dreams I had quietly built would not come to fruition. But then I thought, Wait, Maya Lynne, you’re in school online. What changes for you there? Nothing. Wait, Maya Lynne, you can write a book anywhere, what has changed for you there? Nothing. Wait, Maya Lynne, with the amount of online content, why can’t the artist in you create for that medium? No reason. Okay, so you have some businesses, might it be the right time to make them public? Probably not. Let’s hold off on that a moment. Okay, you might have to travel from the bedroom to the kitchen for a little while. The world will be out there still when it is safe.

Now, why this blog? I decided to do this blog as a school project. They wanted me to blog for a specific business, but I am a business. There is so much that I don’t share about me to the world, not to market myself, but to introduce and share my experiences, that I plan on using this blog to do just that, sharing my light.

What I’m learning? I can do anything. The state of the world does not stop progress. It has the ability to make you re-strategize. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Rise.

I hope this blog helps you realize that you are not alone and laughter and love are two amazing cures that we can use to heal ourselves and the world.

I love to laugh. I have a big ol’ country laugh. Looking forward to sharing with all of you.

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