Sometimes you just don't have the words and then you read an article so clear, so precise as to how you feel that you want nothing more than to share it. Well, here it is. Thank you Gabrielle Union for speaking truth in a world that is full of illusion.

I try to live my life pretty modestly. I am thankful for every blessing that I have because I was not always afforded the luxury of financial security. Up until a couple years ago, I was always 1 or 2 paychecks away from complete and utter poverty, homelessness. I cannot tell you how many times I walked 3 miles to an audition because I didn't have enough money to take a bus both ways. I can't tell you how many times I turned one meal into three. Starving artist is not a phrase foreign to me.

So when I speak on the importance of this article, on the importance of what Gabrielle is sayin, know that I am not coming from a judgey place, but as one who has learned the importance of living below my means comfortable and responsibly. It's a good quick read. Enjoy!

Tell me what you think in the comments.

#Wednesday #Wisdom #FinancialResponsibility

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